Visiting Israel

Calgary Jewish Community Council provides information and advice to Calgarians seeking travel, study and volunteer opportunities in Israel. We encourage all members of the community to consider participating in missions organized locally or offered by our national and international affiliates. For information about visiting Israel, contact Judy Shapiro by email or call 403-444-3153.

LIMMUDIM – Israel 101

Calgary Jewish Community Council is pleased to offer this popular lecture series in conjunction with the Israel Studies Program, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary.

Israel 101 features academics and scholars whose expertise in a wide range of fields helps to keep the Jewish community up to date on Israeli history, politics and culture. Topics have included Timely Insights into the Middle East Peace Process; The Ten Greatest Archaelogical Discoveries in the Holy Land; Timely Insights into the Middle East process; Shifting Ethnic Boundaries and Inequality in Israel; and Conversing with the Enemy and Dilemmas of Prisoner Exchanges with Terrorist Organizations.

Israel 101 will continue to enlighten and inform audiences for another exciting season. Please watch for details in Jewish Free Press, E-Pom and this website.

Click HERE for more information about our upcoming Limmudim Sessions

Partnership 2Gether

Partnership 2Gether brings together Canadian Jews and their peers in the Northern Galilee region of Israel. P2G twins Calgary, Atlantic Canada, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver and Winnipeg with five Galilee Panhandle development towns and councils: Galil Elyon, Kirya Shmona, Metulla, Mevo’ot HaHermon and Yessod HaMa’ala.

Based on a shared belief in Am Echad (one people), the Partnership maintains a two-fold mandate: Strengthening the relationship between Jewish communities in Canada and Israel; and developing the Galilee Panhandle and improving the living standards of its residents.

Locally, P2G has brought Calgarians and Israelis together by

  • Sponsoring performances of youth singers from our sister region at community-wide Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut events.
  • Funding mifgashim – face-to-face encounters – between Calgary Jewish Academy students and their peers from Har Vagai Regional School during Grade Nine Israel trips
  • Subsidizing programs like the April 2011 Social Action Mission which included Calgary participants
  • Organizing and promoting Calgary P2G Missions
  • Actively participating in the Canada-wide P2G Steering Committee.